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Spectrum is pleased to announce the launch of Study Navigator, a web-based project tracker and collaboration tool designed to streamline the management of Stanford clinical and translational research projects.

Per Vice Dean David Stevenson MD, all Child Health investigators are required to enter their new studies into the Study Navigator beginning January 1, 2011.

Study Navigator provides Stanford investigators and research coordinators with a web-based dashboard where they can store and access all essential study information in one shared, easy-to-use database. Once Stanford completes the transition to this unified resource, it will enable researchers to spend more time on research, and less time on administrative overhead.

Study Navigator helps researchers:

Below we’ve provided information on how to get started, and if you have any questions, please email studyfacilitator@stanford.edu.

Thank you for your support in this launch,

Steve Alexander 
Mary Chen                                                            
Christy Sandborg
David Stevenson                                                                   
Chris Webb                                                                    
Spectrum Administration, Operations, Training and Compliance
Spectrum Child Health

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