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Committees and Panels Appointed by the President

University Committees are appointed by and are primarily responsible to the President. Such committees deal with matters on which the responsibility for recommendation or action is clearly diffused among different constituencies of the University. In accordance with the Report on the Committee Structure of the University, Academic Council members are appointed to University Committees on nomination of the Senate Committee on Committees and student members on nomination of the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) Committee on Nominations. The President takes the initiative in the appointment of staff members to such committees. Although immediately responsible to the President, University Committees may be called upon to report to the Senate of the Academic Council or the ASSU. Charges to such committees are set by the President on recommendation of the Committee on Committees and others. There are five University Committees, as follows:

Additionally there are eleven standing administrative panels which are appointed by the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, and which report through him/her to the President:

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