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Honors Program in Education (Undergraduate)

An honors program is available to undergraduates to supplement their regular majors outside the school. This program permits interested undergraduates at Stanford to build on the training received in their major field of study by pursuing additional courses and a research thesis in a related area of education.

Students apply for entry during the junior year. Application information can be found at The current Director is Mitchell L. Stevens, Associate Professor of Education.

At least one course must be taken from each of the following areas:

  1. Educational policy and history in the U.S.—qualifying courses include:
    • EDUC 165. History of Higher Education in the U.S.
    • EDUC 201. History of Education in the United States
    • EDUC 202. Introduction to Comparative and International Education
  2. Contemporary problem areas—qualifying courses include:
    • EDUC 149. Theory and Issues in the Study of Bilingualism
    • EDUC 179. Urban Youth and Their Institutions: Research and Practice
    • EDUC 197. Education, Gender, and Development
  3. Foundational disciplines—qualifying courses include:
    • EDUC 110. Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of Schools
    • EDUC 204. Introduction to Philosophy of Education

Students are also required to enroll in EDUC 140, Honors Research with their advisor, and in EDUC 199A,B,C, Undergraduate Honors Seminar, during the senior year.

Near the end of Spring Quarter, successful candidates for honors orally present brief reports of their work and findings at a mini-conference. All honors students in Education are expected to attend this conference.

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