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Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering


The mission of the Materials Science and Engineering Program is to provide students with a strong foundation in materials science and engineering. The program's curriculum places special emphasis on the fundamental scientific and engineering principles which underlie the knowledge and implementation of materials structure, processing, properties, and performance of all classes of materials used in engineering systems. Courses in the program develop students' knowledge of modern materials science and engineering and teach them to apply this knowledge analytically to create effective and novel solutions to practical problems. The program prepares students for careers in industry or for further study in graduate school.

The undergraduate program provides training in solid state fundamentals and materials engineering. Students desiring to specialize in this field during their undergraduate period may do so by following the curriculum outlined in the "Undergraduate Degree in Materials Science and Engineering" section of this bulletin as well as the School of Engineering Undergraduate Handbook. The University's basic requirements for the bachelor's degree are discussed in the "Undergraduate Degrees and Programs""section of this bulletin. Electives are available so that students with broad interests can combine materials science and engineering with work in another science or engineering department.

Students interested in the minor should see the "Minor in Materials Science and Engineering" section of this bulletin.

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