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Minor in Biology

Students interested in the minor in Biology must declare the minor and submit their course plan online via Axess no later than two quarters prior to the student's intended quarter of degree conferral. The Biology minor requires a minimum of six courses meeting the following criteria:

  1. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  2. All courses must be worth or approved for 3 or more units.
  3. All courses, other than the Biology Core (41, 42, 43), must be at or above the 100-level. Stanford Introductory Seminars may not be used to fulfill the minor requirements.
  4. Courses used to fulfill the minor may not be used to fulfill any other department degree requirements (minor or major).
  5. At least one course from the Biology Core (41, 42 or 43) must be taken.
  6. The Biology Core Laboratory courses (BIO 44X and BIO/BIOHOPK 44Y) do not count towards the minor.
  7. Courses must be chosen from the offerings of the Department of Biology or the Hopkins Marine Station, or from the list of approved out-of-department electives.
  8. Elective credit for research (BIO 199 or BIOHOPK 199H) is limited to a maximum of 3 units. BIO 199X is not allowable.

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