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Ph.D. Minor in Comparative Literature

This minor is designed for students working toward the Ph.D. in the various foreign language departments. Students working toward the Ph.D. in English are directed to the program in English and Comparative Literature described among the Department of English offerings. Students must have:

  1. A knowledge of at least two foreign languages, one of them sufficient to qualify for graduate-level courses in that language, the second sufficient to read a major author in the original language.
  2. A minimum of six graduate courses, of which three must be in the department of the second literature and three in the Department of Comparative Literature, the latter to include a seminar in literary theory or criticism. At least two of the three courses in comparative literature should originate in a department other than the one in which the student is completing the degree. Except for students in the Asian languages, students must choose a second literature outside the department of their major literature.

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