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Chemical and Systems Biology

Emeriti: (Professors) Robert H. Dreisbach, Avram Goldstein, Dora B. Goldstein, Tag E. Mansour, Oleg Jardetzky, Richard A. Roth, James P. Whitlock

Chair: James E. Ferrell, Jr.

Professors: James E. Ferrell, Jr., Tobias Meyer, Daria Mochly-Rosen

Associate Professors: James K. Chen, Karlene A. Cimprich, Thomas J. Wandless

Assistant Professors: Joshua Elias, Joanna K. Wysocka

Courtesy Professors: Stuart Kim, Beverly S. Mitchell, Paul A. Wender

Courtesy Associate Professors: Calvin J. Kuo, Matthew Bogyo

Courtesy Assistant Professors: Ajay Chawla, Markus Willard Covert, Jan M. Skotheim

Web Site:

Courses offered by the Department of Chemical and Systems Biology are listed under the subject code CSB on the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site.

The department emphasizes individualized training at the interface of physical science and biomedical science. The program encourages students to draw upon a variety of modern scientific techniques, ranging from recent advances in molecular biology and protein biochemistry to synthetic organic chemistry and single cell imaging. Graduate students in the department take courses in signal transduction networks, chemical biology, and other areas of importance to their research goals.

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