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Minor in Philosophy

A minor in Philosophy consists of at least 30 units of Philosophy courses satisfying the following conditions:

  1. Students taking both quarters of the Winter/Spring Philosophy Introduction to the Humanities (IHUM) track may count these courses as equivalent to a maximum of 5 units of Philosophy courses under 100.
  2. At least 10 units must be from courses numbered 100 or above.
  3. The 30 units must include one of:
    1. a history of philosophy course numbered 100 or above
    2. two quarters of IHUM (only 5 of the 10 units can count towards 30-unit requirement).
  4. One course from any two of the following three areas (PHIL):
    1. philosophy of science and logic: 60, 61, 160, 162-168; 50, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 157
    2. moral and political philosophy: 2, 170-174
    3. metaphysics and epistemology: 1, 80, 180-189.
  5. Units for tutorials, directed reading, and affiliated courses may not be counted.
  6. Transfer units must be approved in writing by the Director of Undergraduate Study at the time of declaring. The number of transfer units is generally limited to a maximum of 10.
  7. No more than 6 units completed with grades of 'satisfactory' or 'credit' count towards the 30-unit requirement.

Students must declare their intention to minor in Philosophy in a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Study. This formal declaration must be made no later than the last day of the quarter two quarters before degree conferral. The Permission to Declare a Philosophy Minor (signed by the Director of Undergraduate Study) lists courses taken and to be taken to fulfill minor requirements. This permission is on file in the department office. Before graduation, a student's record is checked to see that requirements have been fulfilled, and the results are reported to the University Registrar.

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