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Coterminal Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Anthropology

University requirements for the coterminal M.A. are described in the "Coterminal Bachelor's and Master's Degrees" section of this bulletin. For University coterminal degree program rules and University application forms, see

The University minimum requirements for the coterminal bachelor's/master's program are 180 units for the bachelor's degree plus 45 (or higher departmental requirement, as determined by each graduate department) unduplicated units for the master's degree. The requirements for the coterminal program with dual undergraduate degrees are 225 units for the two bachelor's degrees, and 45 units for the master's degree. For the 45-unit University minimum for the master's degree, all courses must be at or above the 100 level and 50 percent must be courses designated primarily for graduate students (typically at least at the 200 level). Department requirements may be higher. Units for a given course may not be counted to meet the requirements of more than one degree, that is, no units may be double-counted. No courses taken more than two quarters prior to admission to the coterminal master's program may be used to meet the 45-unit University minimum requirement for the master's degree.

Graduate enrollment at Stanford University for three consecutive quarters of full tuition for at least 45 units is required of all candidates for the coterminal master's degree. M.A. students in Anthropology must take a minimum of 45 units of Anthropology course work beyond the undergraduate degree with an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0. 45 units constitute the University minimum for the M.A. degree, and courses must be at or above the 100 level.

The M.A. program usually requires more than one year of study. However, full-time students entering the program with appropriate background should complete the M.A. degree program within three consecutive calendar quarters after the student's first quarter of master's-level enrollment. The University allows no transfer units into the master's program. To provide a meaningful master's program within one year, advance planning of course work with an adviser is required. Requirements for the coterminal master's program must be completed within three years.

For further information about the department's coterminal master's degree program requirements, see


The deadline for graduate applications to the coterminal M.A. degree program in Anthropology is December 13, 2011. Stanford University undergraduate majors are eligible to apply for the coterminal masters degree program if they have a 3.5 GPA in their department major, a 3.0 GPA in overall course work, and have no more than one incomplete listed on the transcript at the time of application. Successful applicants to the M.A. program may enter only in the following Autumn Quarter. Coterminal master's degree applicants are not required to submit their Graduate Record Examination scores. Prospective applicants should see for further information about the application process and the department's requirements for the coterminal master's program.

For University coterminal degree program rules and University application forms, see

Degree Options—Students may pursue one of three possible department tracks in the Anthropology M.A. degree program. The tracks are:

The tracks are not declarable in Axess.

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