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Overseas Studies Courses in History

For course descriptions and additional offerings, see the listings in the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site ( or the Bing Overseas Studies web site ( Students should consult their department or program's student services office for applicability of Overseas Studies courses to a major or minor program.

Autumn Quarter


OSPBEIJ 67. China-Africa and Middle East Relations. 4 units, Li, Wang, GER:DB:SocSci, EC:GlobCom


OSPMOSC 78. Russian-American Relations: from the War of Independence to the War on Terror. 5 units, Ivanian, GER:DB:SocSci


OSPOXFRD 221Y. Art and Society in Britain. 5 units, Tyack, GER:DB:Hum


OSPSANTG 68. The Emergence of Nations in Latin America. 4-5 units, Jaksic, Ger:DB:SocSci

Winter Quarter


OSPBER 70. The Long Way to the West-- German History from the 18th Century to the Present. 4-5 units, Jander, GER:DB:Hum, EC:GlobCom


OSPCPTWN 33. From Apartheid to Democracy: Namibia and South Africa. 4 units, Saunders, GER: EC:GlobCom

OSPCPTWN 38. Genocide: The African Experience. 4 units, Adhikari, GER:DB:SociSci, EC:GlobCom


OSPFLOR 49. The Cinema Goes to War: Fascism and World War II As Represented in Italian and European Cinema. 5 units, Campani, GER:DB:Hum


OSPOXFRD 70. History of London. 4-5 units, Tyack, GER:DB:SocSci, EC:GlobCom


OSPPARIS 81. France During the Second World War: Between History and Memory. 5 units, Virgili, GER:DB:SocSci

Spring Quarter


OSPBEIJ 30. History of U.S.- China Relations. 3-5 units, Chang

OSPBEIJ 32. Site, Memory, History: Beijing as Place. 3-5 units, Chang


OSPBER 14. Clausewitz and Sunzi. 3-5 units, Lewis

OSPBER 50. Female Divinities in Europe & China. 3-5 units, Lewis


OSPFLOR 58. Space as History: Urban Change and Social Vision: Florence 1059 to the Present. 4 units, Rossi, Verdon, GER:DB:Hum

OSPFLOR 75. Florence in the Renaissance. 5 units, Molho


OSPKYOTO 62. Japan and America: A Historical Survey. 4-5 units, Duus


OSPMADRD 62. Spanish California: HIstorical Issues. 5 units, Hilton


OSPOXFRD 74. History and Architecture of Oxford. 3-4 units, Tyack


OSPPARIS 29. Colonization, Decolonization, and Immigration: Overview of French Global History in the 20th Century. 5 units, Hmed, GER:DB:SocSci, EC:GlobCom


OSPSANTG 68. The Emergence of Nations in Latin America. 4-5 units, Jaksic, GER:DB:SocSci

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