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Master of Arts in Art History

University requirements for the M.A. are described in the "Graduate Degrees" section of this bulletin.


The department offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, although the M.A. is only granted as a step toward fulfilling requirements for the Ph.D. The department does not admit students who wish to work only toward the M.A. degree. Please see the Ph.D. section for admissions information.


  1. Units—completing a total of at least 45 units of graduate work at Stanford in the history of art in courses at the 200 level and above, including a seminar in art historiography/visual theory.
  2. Languages—reading knowledge of two foreign languages, preferably German and French or Italian. Students in Chinese and Japanese art are ordinarily expected to demonstrate reading competence in modern and classical Chinese or Japanese, depending on the student's area of focus. Final determination is made in consultation with the student's primary adviser.
  3. Papers—submission of one paper from among those written during the year.
  4. Area Coverage—demonstration to the faculty, by course work and/or examination, that the student has adequate knowledge of the major areas of the history of art.

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