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United behind the effort of creating knowledge, Stanford staff are part of a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. They strive toward excellence on the job, through teamwork and individual contributions, knowing that what they do supports significant research and education—and believing in the value of intellectual progress and academic achievement.

In turn, the university strives to help its employees cultivate their talents and realize their aspirations. With an array of programs designed to help staff members move forward in their jobs and careers, Stanford extends its culture of excellence to the entire workforce.

A Culture of Excellence

Stanford’s workforce is composed of enthusiastic, lifelong learners—people who value diversity, are committed to the pursuit of research and education, and find motivation in being surrounded by achievement. To cultivate the talents and aspirations of such staff members, the university has developed an array of career programs to help them move forward.

Cardinal Spirit

Who wouldn’t want to be part of the winningest Division I program in college sports? Stanford has won the Directors’ Cup, honoring the top overall athletic program in the nation, for 17 consecutive years, and supportive students, faculty, alumni and staff contribute to the success—and share in the excitement.

Dining al Fresco

The Arbuckle Dining Pavilion at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business is but one of many inviting locations on campus to grab a bite and relax with coworkers. With Stanford’s extensive dining options— including the Axe and Palm, Beckman Bistro, Cubberly Café, Fraiche Yogurt, Panda Express, Ray’s Grill, and Stanford Bookstore Café— staff find plenty of variety in both food and atmosphere.

Wellness for All

Stanford invests in its employees and is committed to providing for their health and wellness. In addition to ensuring a clean and safe campus environment, the university has developed a range of wellness programs that encourage healthy practices among staff.

A Culture of Caring

Understanding that staff need a balance between work, personal and family lives, Stanford provides access to such services as child-care resources and referrals, parent education and consultation, and elder care and caregiving support. Staff members also enjoy family-oriented benefits that extend educational and recreational opportunities to spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children. For these and other reasons, the Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Stanford in the top five nationally for work-life balance and job satisfaction.