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photo of bicylist riding past Memorial Church

As described in the university’s Founding Grant of 1885, central to Stanford’s mission is the aim to “promote the public welfare by exercising an influence on behalf of humanity and civilization.” Stanford realizes its vision to create a better world in many ways, with particularly notable achievements in medicine and technology—and a global reputation for entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.

With about 5,000 externally sponsored research projects underway—and with a sponsored-project budget of more than $1 billion for 2011–12—the university generates new ideas, finds solutions to longstanding problems and improves the lives of people around the planet. Its faculty and students approach teaching, learning and leadership in a spirit of discovery and service; its researchers take medical, environmental and information technology constantly into new frontiers; its graduates start some of the most successful businesses anywhere, meeting needs both apparent and previously invisible. And Stanford’s staff is behind it all.


Stanford’s mission – to create and disseminate knowledge – fosters an environment that propels people to achieve.

Condoleezza Rice

Professor of Political Science and Political Economy, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow