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Nearly 4,500 babies get off to a strong start each year at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.



Your Ideal Experience

We’re committed to making every birth an ideal experience, tailored to your personal preferences and needs. We want to get to know you and understand what’s important to you, and we invite you to get to know us. Come to our birth center orientation and meet our world-class staff. We know there’s no better place to deliver your baby—and we trust that you’ll feel the same way.

Pre-Register to Deliver with Us

We encourage you to register with us as soon as possible during your pregnancy. You can do it anytime online.



Pre-Admission Registration in English


Pre-Admission Registration in Spanish


Our Billing Process

World-Class Doctors and Nurses

Our world-class doctors and nurses provide extraordinary care. Your care team, led by your obstetrician, will partner closely with you to support your birth plan. Our 100-percent registered nursing staff is highly experienced in labor and delivery, and will give you personalized care and attention. And if you desire, specialized obstetric anesthesiologists will help make your experience as comfortable as possible. Your birth partner is an important member of the care team throughout the experience.

Select a Doctor

Our Obstetric Care team includes Stanford Medicine specialists in maternal-fetal medicine and general obstetrics, along with nurse practitioners dedicated to obstetric care.

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All the Help You Need

Every pregnancy and delivery is unique. But our goal is always the same: to provide extraordinary care. Our Johnson Center for Pregnancy and Newborn Services provides a full range of diagnostic, treatment, consultation and genetic counseling through our six state-approved Perinatal Diagnostic Centers. Whether your pregnancy is routine or high-risk, we provide nurturing care and the very best outcomes, to give your baby the strongest start possible.


Your Labor Experience

We want to help make your labor the experience you want it to be. We’ll work closely with you to support your birth plan choices, such as un-medicated or medicated labor and using birthing balls, music and other relaxation aids. With your birth plan as our guide, we always strive for a vaginal delivery and only recommend a C-section if your health or your baby’s health is at risk. As a result, our C-section rates are lower than the national average and the lowest in the San Francisco Bay Area/ Peninsula.

What to Pack

Birth Center Tour
For more information about walking tours of the Johnson Center, contact 650-498-BABY or email




Getting Ready for Baby

The more you prepare for your baby’s birth, the better you’ll feel. Sign up for classes to help parents, siblings and grandparents get ready for a growing family—from childbirth preparation, to prenatal yoga and breastfeeding seminars. Pre-register for your labor and delivery with us today so you'll be free to focus on more important things once you’re here.

Birth Center Orientation & Expectant Parents Night

Each month we offer free evening presentations for those expecting to deliver with us.

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Pediatricians Across the Bay Area

From routine well-baby checkups through all the milestones of your growing baby’s development, the pediatrician you select will be an important part of your child's life right from day one. Our Stanford Children's Health pediatricians provide care in locations throughout the Bay Area, and are happy to speak with you before your delivery date to help make your selection easier.

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Birth Day

It's Time

We’re ready when you are. Once you’re admitted at 725 Welch Road, our staff will escort you to a comfortable, private room where you’ll stay throughout your labor and delivery. It includes a private bathroom and shower, chairs and sofa for your partner, a flat-screen TV with cable and on-demand movies, and free wireless Internet access. A wireless fetal monitoring allows you to be up and around during your labor. We also assess your comfort throughout labor, and provide the type and amount of relief you prefer. Giving birth is an extraordinary experience, one that deserves the best amenities and care.

Visitors During Labor and Delivery

Expectant women delivering their baby may have up to three visitors in their labor and delivery room at any time.

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It's Time

When the moment comes, we’ll be right there with you and provide the quality care and comfort you need. While most of our deliveries are routine and healthy, our patients find it comforting to know that if an issue arises, some of the country’s top neonatal specialists are right down the hall.

Immediately following birth, you may choose to have your baby placed on your chest for quiet bonding time, also known as skin-to-skin. We understand and support the many benefits of skin-to-skin time for both baby and mom.

A Boost For Breastfeeding

We also allow time for moms to establish a strong bond with their baby during their first hour after delivery, which can also support breastfeeding success.

Learn more about skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding benefits

After Delivery

Caring for Your New Baby

We do everything possible to ensure you have time together from the start. Your skin-to-skin time is a special part of the birth experience for you, and important for your baby’s well-being. Afterwards, your baby will go to the Well-Baby Nursery for standard assessments. Our nurses, who are highly experienced in caring for new moms and babies, will partner with you on post-delivery care—from ensuring your obstetrician is available to answer your questions, to explaining and demonstrating breastfeeding techniques.

Our Maternity Care visiting policy supports our family-centered care philosophy, safety, patient confidentiality and your need to rest.

See guidelines for visitors in maternity

Caring for Your New Baby

We encourage you and your baby to stay together in the Maternity Unit if there are no medical issues. Of course, you always have the option of placing your baby in our Well-Baby Nursery for all or part of your stay.

Nurturing Support for Newborns

For babies who need a little extra support, our teams are dedicated to providing your baby with neonatal care that is ranked among the top ten in the country.


Caring for Your New Baby

While breastfeeding is natural, it’s not always easy. And that’s why every maternity nurse at our hospital is trained in breastfeeding techniques. If you need specialized care and extra support, our expert lactation consultants provide daily breastfeeding classes and individual sessions.

Caring for Your New Baby

Congratulations! Your life will never be the same—and we look forward to supporting you in the transition. Our checklist for bringing your baby home—from car seats, to birth certificates, to newborn visits with your pediatrician—allows you to focus on getting to know your little one.

We also offer classes for additional support. While our Start Strong series focuses on pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care, Your Child’s Health University are online courses designed for parents and their children through adolescence. Get insights from our clinical experts and participate in community health events to learn how to keep your children safe and healthy.

Car Seat Fitting

With 4 out of 5 car seats used incorrectly, it is important to have your child’s car seat inspected by a certified technician at our Child Passenger Safety Seat Fitting Station.

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