Ford Family Surgery Center

The Ford Family Surgery Center at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford is a state-of-the-art surgical facility designed specifically for children.

An operating room in the Ford Family Surgery Center

The Center is located on the Ground Floor of Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford.

The Latest in Surgical Technology

The Ford Family Surgery Center’s seven operating rooms (ORs) contain the latest imaging and communication technologies, allowing our surgeons to operate with unprecedented precision, speed and efficiency. The operating room technology:
Provides and records crucial information. The child’s vital signs, x-rays and other radiology images, and medical records are displayed on high-definition monitors throughout the OR. This gives the surgical team a full view of the child’s current medical condition.
Cameras mounted throughout the OR can record surgical procedures. Ultrasounds or other imaging studies that are performed in the operating room can also be archived. This improves documentation and provides surgeons with tools to help train future pediatric surgeons.
Improves surgical precision. The neurosurgery team uses an image-guided system (BrainLAB) that combines several types of pre-operative brain scan images into one super-image of the patient's brain. This GPS-like system then tracks each surgical tool in real time and displays its location on the brain images. This helps the neurosurgeon pinpoint their location in relation to pathology, decreasing the risks of surgical intervention in critical areas of the brain, and improving the outcomes for each child.

Is customizable, ergonomic and hands-free. An OR can be setup to accommodate each surgical team and the surgery it is performing that day. Most of the equipment is mounted on the ceiling and can be adjusted to fit the team’s preferences. Voice-activated controls allow the surgical team to keep their hands free for key tasks.
Links surgeons to other physicians. Surgeons can videoconference and participate in pathology and radiology examinations without leaving the operating room. This helps ensure surgeons get the information they need to move forward with a procedure.

Designed for Your Child and Family

The Ford Family Surgical Center was designed to provide you and your child with a comfortable environment during your time with us. Everything from the Center’s floor plan to the furniture in each room was designed to best accommodate the needs of your child and family.
Patients can bypass general admitting and go straight to a surgery-specific admitting desk. Once your child is checked-in, you’ll find that our pre-operative waiting areas have:

  • Spaces for families to sit together
  • Child Life Specialists to help prepare children for their surgery experience
  • Toys
  • Child- and adult-sized furniture

The Parent Waiting Room is available to you once your child goes into surgery. It is conveniently located close to the hospital cafeteria and a courtyard. If you need to step out, pagers will be provided to notify you when your child’s surgery is over.

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