Here are some of the most common questions regarding Leasing, Pets & WiFi, Valet Waste Collection, and Parking & Guests. If you'd like any other information, contact the Leasing Office anytime -- we're always happy to answer questions.


Do all leaseholders (residents over 18) have to be eligible?

Eligibility for the household will be based on the highest eligible person. Roommates do not need to be eligible; however, if the eligible person leaves their eligible position, the lease will move to Market Rate.

What if my position at Stanford becomes part-time?

If you are at least 75% FTE you will remain at Stanford Rate. If you fall below 75% FTE your lease will change to Market Rate.

What if I resign or retire?

Each household will be re-certified annually. Please note, upon retirement a resident will no longer qualify for the Stanford Rate.

What about rent increases?

If you sign a lease, rents are guaranteed for the duration of the lease term. At least 30 days before renewal, rent changes will be announced. The only rent increases that are restricted are those for the BMR (Below Market Rate) homes which are limited to one-third of the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for All Urban Consumers, Rent Residential, San Francisco-Oakland Area.

Pets & WiFi

Where can I walk my dog?

See our pet policies and a list of nearby dog parks. We have provided pet stations along the San Francisquito Creek path and Sand Hill Road. All dogs must be on a leash. Please clean up after your dog.

Is WiFi offered within the community?

Yes, WiFi is available in all the amenity areas. To connect:

  1. Connect to “Stanford Visitor” from network list
  2. Open your Web browser (you will be directed to Stanford’s “Wireless Visitor Service” page)
  3. Agree with the Terms and Conditions and click “Accept”

Valet Waste Collection


I am not home between 6-8pm to put my trash outside my door. What should I do?

The only window of time for residents to set their trash outside is from 6–8pm. If your work hours or other daily commitments do not allow you to adhere to this schedule, there are trash containers located throughout the property for you to drop off your trash, recycling and compost. See the Site Plan for these locations.

I did not get a container or my container is damaged, dirty or lost. How can I get a new one?

Please contact the Leasing Office about a replacement.

How does your recycling program work?

Recycling is picked up along with your regular trash, on the same schedule and by the same valet, five nights per week. Simply bag and tie your recyclables in transparent bags and place them in your Valet Waste container along with your bag of regular trash.

What materials can be put into the transparent bags?

Valet Waste accepts all paper and cardboard items including milk & juice cartons, all plastic containers #1–7, tin and aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans, bottles and jars as long as none of these items are jagged, sharp or could endanger the safety of the collectors who pick them up.

These items can also be mixed together in the same bag; they will be separated later at the recycling processing facility. Cardboard must be flattened and bundled, and newspapers can be bagged or tied into bundles also.

For a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items for recycling, see the current city guidelines for waste, recycling and compost here.

Does Valet Waste pick up boxes?

Yes, as long as all boxes are flattened and taped (or tied) together in bundles so that Valet Waste can easily grab and transport them out to their truck or place of disposal.

Is there a limit to how many flattened boxes I can put out?

Valet Waste can usually collect up to five or six flattened boxes per home each night. Please make sure they are also taped or tied together in a small bundle.

They took everything but a pizza box! Do I have to flatten those down, or put them in a transparent bag?

Just one pizza box does not need to be flattened down. If you have two or more, please flatten and bundle them together as instructed above. Flattened boxes do not need to be bagged.

If I have a taped bundle of newspapers or magazines, do they have to be put into a transparent bag also?

No, as long as they are securely taped or tied together so that nothing slips or falls out. Please keep all such bundles under 25 lbs. each.

Can small amounts of paper be co-mingled in a transparent bag along with other types of recyclables?

Yes, all acceptable forms of recyclable materials may be co-mingled in securely tied transparent bags. They will be separated later at the recycling processing facility.

Where can I get some transparent recycle bags?

Transparent bags are available for purchase at the Corner Store, online through Valet Waste, and also are sold at many local supermarkets, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement Center, and other fine retailers. since "fine" isn't an adjective generally associated with Home Depot; it might sound like we're being sarcastic -- maybe just and other retailers.

Does Valet Waste take TVs (or old furniture, pieces of wood, etc)?

No. Valet Waste will only pick up bagged trash and flattened boxes.

I followed all those procedures and my trash still was not picked up! What do I do?

We do apologize for this inconvenience. Please call Valet Waste at 877-574-2587 so that this issue can be documented and forwarded to Stanford West’s Valet Waste Manager. Their office hours are Monday–Thursday from 5:30am–9pm, Friday from 5:30am–2pm and Sunday from 4–9pm. You can also call the Leasing Office at 650-725-2000 and they will forward your issues to the Valet Waste Manager.

Parking & Guests

Parking policy?

See our full parking policies.

How many parking spaces do we get?

Each one-bedroom home gets one garage. Two and three-bedroom homes get one garage and one unreserved surface parking space. A limited number of additional carports and garages are available for rent.

Where may I pick up Guest Permits?

Residents may pick up Guest Permits at the Leasing Office. Residents are responsible for giving Guest Permits to their guests and instructing them on proper use. Guests may not obtain Guest Permits from the Leasing Office unless they are attending a function in the Social Room during Leasing Office business hours. Leasing agents will distribute Guest Permits provided the resident hosting the function has provided them with a guest list in advance.

Do I need to make an appointment to pick up Guest Permits?

In order to avoid a wait, please contact the Leasing Office in advance to request Guest Permits. Each Guest Permit must be prepared by management. Requesting permits by phone allows us to prepare the permits in advance so they are ready for pickup when you come by the Leasing Office. Drop-in requests may require a wait.

How many Guest Permits may I pick up at any one time?

Initial distribution is 10 Guest Permits per apartment per month.

What if I have more than 10 guests per month or am having a social gathering?

Additional permits may be obtained at the Leasing Office. Please contact the Leasing Office by phone so the permits may be prepared in advance. Please note, residents who have guests with special needs should contact the Leasing Office for an appointment to discuss their situation.

When do my guests need to use a Guest Permit?

Enforcement is from 8am Monday through 5pm Friday.

Where should the Guest Permit be displayed?

Guest Permits should be displayed inside on the lower right corner of the passenger side of the vehicle's windshield.

Is a Guest Permit valid if it is not filled out completely?

No. Guest Permits must be completely filled out in order to be valid. Management will write in your building and apartment number and your lease expiration date and will sign each permit. Guests must fill in their license plate number and the date of use prior to displaying the Guest Permit.

What if my guest is staying for more than one day?

A guest may write up to five consecutive dates on one Guest Permit. For example: Your guest arrives Monday, May 5 and will depart Friday, May 9. She will need one Guest Permit with May 5–May 9 (and the year) written on the "Today's date" line of the permit.

I have special needs. What should I do?

Residents with special needs should make an appointment with the Leasing Office to discuss their situation.