Leasing With Us

You've seen the monthly rental rates, but you may also wish to add extra amenities such as an additional carport, garage or storage unit.

Additional Carports, Garages, and Storage

• Additional carport is $50 per month
• Additional garage is $150 per month
• Storage unit is $300 per month

Lease Renewals

At least a month before your lease is set to expire, you will receive a renewal letter in the mail. It will contain your new rental rate and an information form that needs to be completely filled out. You will also need to provide a copy of current renter's insurance. When completed, turn into the Leasing Office. If you have any questions about the paperwork, contact the Leasing Office at 650-725-2000 or stanfordwest@allresco.com.

Thinking of Transferring?

After giving at least 30 days notice, residents may transfer to a different type of unit without incurring a penalty for breaking their current lease. The lease term for the new apartment must be whichever is longer: the remaining term on the existing lease, or the minimum number of months that qualifies as a long-term lease. Please inquire for more information at the Leasing Office, 650-725-2000 or stanfordwest@allresco.com.

Thinking of Moving?

Relocating? Be sure to print out and complete the 30 Day Notice to Vacate Form at least 30 days prior to your move-out and return it to the Leasing Office or deposit in the drop box. You will receive an Acknowledgement of Notice via mail. Check out our FAQ page for helpful information on moving.