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The Monje Lab studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms of postnatal neurodevelopment in health and disease. This includes postnatal neurogenesis and gliogenesis, cellular contributions to the neurogenic and gliogenic signaling microenvironment, molecular determinants of neural precursor cell fate, developmental origins of pediatric brain tumors, and the role of neural precursor cells in oncogenesis and repair mechanisms.


Recent Publications

Neuronal activity promotes oligodendrogenesis and adaptive myelination in the mammalian brain. Science
Gibson, E. M., Purger, D., Mount, C. W., Goldstein, A. K., Lin, G. L., Wood, L. S., Inema, I., Miller, S. E., Bieri, G., Zuchero, J. B., Barres, B. A., Woo, P. J., Vogel, H., Monje, M.
2014; 344 (6183): 1252304-?

Subventricular spread of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Acta neuropathologica
Caretti, V., Bugiani, M., Freret, M., Schellen, P., Jansen, M., van Vuurden, D., Kaspers, G., Fisher, P. G., Hulleman, E., Wesseling, P., Vogel, H., Monje, M.

Hedgehog-responsive candidate cell of origin for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Monje, M., Mitra, S. S., Freret, M. E., Raveh, T. B., Kim, J., Masek, M., Attema, J. L., Li, G., Haddix, T., Edwards, M. S., Fisher, P. G., Weissman, I. L., Rowitch, D. H., Vogel, H., Wong, A. J., Beachy, P. A.
2011; 108 (11): 4453-4458

Impaired human hippocampal neurogenesis after treatment for central nervous system ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY
Monje, M. L., Vogel, H., Masek, M., Ligon, K. L., Fisher, P. G., Palmer, T. D.
2007; 62 (5): 515-520

Inflammatory blockade restores adult hippocampal neurogenesis SCIENCE
Monje, M. L., Toda, H., Palmer, T. D.
2003; 302 (5651): 1760-1765

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