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Stem Cell Biology and
Regenerative Medicine (SCBRM)

Our program offers advanced training at the intersection of basic science and clinical application with a specific emphasis on Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. This program is one of the first in the nation and abroad to specifically offer doctoral degrees in the translational sciences.

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Traditionally, doctoral programs in biomedical sciences have focused on the basic sciences with emphasis on model systems such as bacteria, yeast, flies, worms, frogs and mice. This educational formula is based on the concept that clinically-relevant discoveries will naturally emerge from the basic sciences, that the human organism is of such complexity that model systems are preferable, and that there will be a growing need for scientists with narrow expertise in the basic sciences. Little emphasis has been placed on clinical translation of the basic science discoveries. However with the introduction of new tools and technologies of the last decade, it is clear that human biology is amenable to rigorous inquiry and that we can expand career opportunities for our graduates by providing them with the skills and knowledge to encompass the continuum of basic, translational and clinical sciences.

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Our doctoral program provides exceptional didactic education and research experience in the basic sciences underlying stem cell biology. In addition, program participants will receive specialized training in the development and clinical application of discoveries in the basic sciences to achieve regenerative therapies. Thus, our graduates will be uniquely positioned to develop successful translational careers in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, and will emerge prepared to deliver on their passion to improve the human condition.

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