Campus Life

How many students attend classes on campus during the Summer Quarter?

One of the attractive things about attending Stanford during the Summer Quarter is class size. Overall, fewer students are enrolled and classes are smaller, allowing more time for one-on-one interaction with instructors. But the campus is by no means empty. A variety of programs run all summer long, and there are many interesting people to meet through class interaction and residence hall activities. Enrollment figures hover around 2,500 matriculated and visiting students for the Summer Quarter.

Are most of your students from California, or do you have students from other states or countries?

We have a diverse mix of students from all over North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

How do I apply for housing?

Students apply for housing online via Axess after they have been issued a Stanford ID number. The housing application opens in early April. Students are guaranteed housing if they apply by the first-round deadline in mid-May, and select all housing options for which they are eligible. Continuous assignments will be made after the first-round deadline, but housing is no longer guaranteed. Confirmed students will be supplied with comprehensive housing application instructions starting in April.

Do I need to be enrolled in courses to qualify for summer housing?

  • Matriculated Stanford students do not need to take summer courses to qualify for summer housing. However, priority is given to enrolled students.
  • Visiting students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 3 units in order to qualify for summer housing. The Summer Session Office will monitor enrollment throughout the Summer Quarter to ensure compliance.

If I am a confirmed student in the Summer Session program, is on-campus housing guaranteed?

On-campus housing is not automatically guaranteed. Students must apply for housing in Axess by the first-round deadline in early May in order to be guaranteed housing. More information is available on the Housing & Dining page in each Program.

Is there couples or family housing available during the Summer?

Yes, there are “Couples Without Children” and “Student With Children” housing options available, but space is limited and not guaranteed. Please refer to Stanford’s Summer Housing website for more information.

Please note there is no family housing available for students participating in the IHP program.

What amenities will I have if I live on campus?

  • Telecommunications Services
    All student rooms come equipped with telephone service and a network connection; the University charges a flat fee of $64 for both services during the Summer Quarter. Hard-wired phones are available in each student room. Long-distance calls require the use of a calling card.
  • Internet Service 
    A wireless internet connection is available for all registered students. Wired and wireless internet access is available in student residences and is included in the telecommunications fee. Students who want wired access will need to bring their own Ethernet cable.
  • Television Service
    All residences have lounge areas equipped with TVs. If students elect to bring a small TV to campus, they will need to set up service through Stanford’s Cardinal Cable.
  • Laundry Facilities
    Each residence hall has its own laundry facilities. The cost of doing laundry is included as part of the housing fee. Students must provide their own laundry supplies.

Are there any social activities planned for students who are living on campus?

Yes! Weekends and evenings are packed with speaker series, local area excursions, intramural sports, and informal discussions with Stanford faculty. More information is available on the Campus Life page and the calendar.

Are there research jobs or internships I can participate in while I’m taking summer courses?

The Summer Session Office does not facilitate research assistant or internship positions during the Summer Quarter. Interested students should contact the appropriate department directly.

Can I get a job during Summer Session?

Students on a Stanford-sponsored I-20 are not allowed to work off campus but can work up to 20 hours a week on campus. More information is available on Stanford’s Bechtel International Center website.

Students not on a Stanford-sponsored I-20 are permitted to work on or off campus, but the Summer Session Office is not able to assist students in locating summer jobs.

Will I be able to park on campus?

Parking permits are required to park on campus during the day. A selection of permit classifications is available to fit individual needs. The average parking permit costs about $60 for eight weeks. For more information, students should visit the Parking and Transportation Services website.

Students must have their Stanford ID card and will need to wait until just before the start of the Summer Quarter in order to purchase on-campus parking permits. Information about purchasing a parking permit will be sent to confirmed students in the spring.

How will I get my mail on campus?

Stanford does not have mail and package delivery service to undergraduate student residences. Undergraduate students who wish to receive mail via USPS during the summer will need to rent a Post Office Box at the U.S. Post Office, conveniently located on campus. Graduate students will be able to receive mail at their residence.

For packages delivered via UPS, DHL, Federal Express, and other courier services, delivery will be directed to a central package center on campus. Information about renting P.O. Boxes, addressing student correspondence, and sending packages to campus is available at