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Stanford University School of Medicine
Department of Surgery

Alway Building, Room M121
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-2200
Fax: (650) 725-3918
Mail Code 5115

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Mary T. Hawn, MD, FACS
Professor and Chair
Stanford Medicine Professor in Surgery


Angelina Sepulveda
Administrative Associate to the Chair

(650) 498-7387

Department Administration
Stephanie G. Edelman
Director of Finance & Administration

(650) 723-6852

Sree Gupta
Associate Director, Finance

(650) 723-5916

Libby Roberts
Associate Director, Administration

(650) 498-4159

Yvette Caro
Human Resources Manager
(650) 724-1611
Karen Cockerill
Clerkship Coordinator
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H3600
Stanford, CA 94305-5642)
(650) 498-6052
Walter Damm
Financial Analyst, and Manager of Capital and Space Planning

(650) 723-5628

Anita Hagan
General Surgery Training Program Manager
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H3691
Stanford, CA 94305-5641

(650) 725-2181

Shirley Kantoff
Office & Building Manager, Hagey Lab for Pediatric Regenerative Medicine
257 Campus Drive, PSRL Building
Stanford, CA 94305-5148

(650) 736-1707

Matthew Bucher
Revenue Manager
420 Broadway St.
Pavilion D, 3rd Floor, M/C# 6431
Redwood City,Californi 94063

(650) 498-5755