Cardinal Green

Live Cardinal Green

At Stanford, sustainability is integrated into every aspect of campus life. The university relies on each of us to act as responsible campus citizens to help reduce our collective environmental footprint. There are 30,0000 community members on the Stanford campus, from custodians and professors to chefs and students. Each one of our daily behaviors combine to make a huge impact. Be mindful of how you interact with the campus environment and its resources to live sustainably—Live Cardinal Green—during your time with us, whether for four years as a student or 30 years as an employee. The Student Sustainable Living Guide offers a variety of activities and tips to minimize your environmental footprint on campus. To get a sense of what Living Cardinal Green means to others in the community, check out the Sustainable Living Video, produced by R&DE. Do your part to lead by example, and pledge to Live Cardinal Green

Get Involved

1. Pledge to Live Cardinal Green 

Show your sustainable spirit and make a commitment to Live Cardinal Green from your first steps onto campus. 

2. Participate in conservation campaigns throughout the year. 

Office of Sustainability, together with its campus partners, encourages commitment to resource conservation through the Cardinal Green campaign series. Be on the lookout for ways that you can continue your commitment throughout the year, and you could win a variety of raffle prizes or earn recognition among your peers as a Cardinal Green champion. 

3. Become a sustainability leader

Students represent a critical voice on campus. Make your voice heard by joining  a student-run sustainability group, or applying for a Sustainable Stanford internship opportunity. Stay up-to-date with campus opportunities with the Cardinal Green newsletter. Show others that you Live Cardinal Green by displaying the custom stickers on your dorm room door, your reusable water bottle, your laptop - or anywhere that you can to let people know how YOU live at Stanford. You can get a sticker at the front desk of your dorm, or visit 327 Bonair Siding (by Maples Pavilion) or request one via e-mail and a Cardinal Green representative will coordinate with you.