Celebrating Sustainability 2013

Stanford Celebrates Sustainability

On Monday, April 22, 2013, faculty, staff, and students came together to celebrate sustainability at Stanford. This year's "Celebrating Sustainability" event was an interactive festival designed to educate members of the campus community about Stanford's sustainability achievements through fun, engaging activities and displays. 

More than 35 campus departments, groups, and entities; over 60 presenters, and more than 20 volunteers hosted this 1,000+ person event at the Science and Engineering Quad this past Earth Day. Guests enjoyed food, live music, special guests, giveaways, and plenty of fun! 

Check out the photo highlights here!

Activity Topics

Activities at the event were grouped around the following sustainability topic areas:

  • Energy - Visitors to this area were able to learn more about reducing personal energy use and check out the latest developments in energy innovation - both at Stanford and around the world. 
  • Water - From water quality and conservation to maintaining healthy oceans, Stanford's expert faculty, staff and students showcased efforts to protect and conserve water on campus and beyond.
  • Waste - Here visitors learned all about recycling and composting at Stanford. From e-waste to organics or clothing, there is an opportunity to reduce waste at every corner of campus. 
  • Food - Sustainable food is a priority at Stanford. Visitors to this area were able to sample some of the food we enjoy from local, sustainable farms and learn more about our very own farming and gardening opportunities on campus. 
  • Transportation - From a sustainable commute to solar vehicle technology, Stanford has all the bases of environmentally-friendly transportation covered. The latest campus incentive programs and technology developments, along with "Fix a Flat" bike clinics, were featured at our Transportation area.
  • Green Living - Individual actions do count. In our "Green Living" area, visitors were able to learn more about sustainable product choices, tips for living green at home or in the dorms, and technologies for making the homes of the future a greener place to live.