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The James Swartz Lab • 443 Via Ortega • Shriram Center, Room 093 • Stanford, CA 94305

Recent news:

21 Sep 2015 Yuan's paper, "Assessing sequence plasticity of a virus-like nanoparticle by evolution toward a versatile scaffold for vaccines and drug delivery", was published in PNAS

07 Aug 2015 Congratulations to Stacey for a successful thesis defense on engineering in vitro photobiological hydrogen production!

04 July 2015 Franklin, Phil and Kunal's paper, "Development of a synthetic pathway to convert glucose to hydrogen using cell free extracts", was published in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

05 June 2015 Kunal and Nik's paper paper, "Chemical Lysis of Cyanobacteria", was published in Journal of Biological Engineering

18 May 2015 Congratulations to Kunal for a successful thesis defense on engineering electron metabolism in cyanobacteria!

24 January 2014 Jon and Stacey's paper, "The HydG Enzyme Generates an Fe(CO)2(CN) Synthon in Assembly of the FeFe Hydrogenase H-Cluster", was published in Science

25 October 2013 Jon's paper, "A Radical Intermediate in Tyrosine Scission to the CO and CN− Ligands of FeFe Hydrogenase", was published in Science

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