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Grant and Visitor Programs

The Europe Center offers several opportunities to support scholars from both Stanford and from European institutions whose research or work advances knowledge of Europe. Our grants foster independent research in the humanities and social sciences, and in the business and legal disciplines. Our visitor programs encourage collaborations between European scholars and researchers at Stanford. Please click on the links below to read detailed descriptions, eligibility requirements, and application procedures for these programs.

Graduate Student Grant Competition

The Graduate Student Grant Competition provides funding to support ongoing Europe-focused research and training across a wide range of disciplines in Stanford’s graduate and professional schools, and fosters interaction between students with similar interests across the University.

Austria Visitor Program

The Austria Visitor Program (previously, Advanced Graduate Student Travel Fellowship) sponsors short and long-term scholarly exchanges for advanced graduate students between Stanford University and the University of Vienna in Austria. Funds are available for Stanford students to conduct research, access libraries and archives, and collaborate with scholars in Austria, as well as in other parts of Central Europe.

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