Transfusion Medicine In The Department of Pathology
 Image of early transfusion

From: Blundel J. Observations on transfusion of blood. Lancet 1828;2:321

Stanford Transfusion Service


For help with Blood Product Ordering and Documentation, please see education material from Information Technology Service (ITS) via the links below.  Blood products are ordered via “Order Sets” Section and NOT via “Orders.”

You can also go to EpiCenter Help by Clicking EpiCenter link(right side of page, middle portion) on the Stanford Portal and then Searching for “Transfusion” via the search bar on the right of the page, middle portion.

Ordering Provider Workflows:

General Information
Emergency Release
Massive Transfusion Protocol

Nurse Documentation Workflows:

General Transfusion
Emergency Release
Massive Transfusion Protocol
RN Post MTP Transfuse Orders

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