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Don't miss out on unlimited Caltrain rides in 2016

Smiling woman standing on Caltrain platformPhoto: Caitlyn CraftWhether you use it to commute or make the most of your life in the Bay Area, the Pilot Go Pass is a great deal. Purchase yours today at the P&TS office.

With the Caltrain Go Pass, Stanford graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can enjoy unlimited rides on Caltrain and thousands of dollars in savings a year. The Go Pass is valid for the calendar year and provides service between San Francisco and Gilroy. The cost of the 2016 Pilot Go Pass is $190—that's less than $16 per month!

Enjoy great savings

The Go Pass is a great way to save. Calculate your savings with our dynamic cost calculator or compare the Go Pass cost to Caltrain’s regular fares. Moving soon? Take the Go Pass into consideration when thinking about where to relocate, and you could save thousands of dollars on your commute. 

For additional savings, join the Commute Club and receive up to $300 a year in Clean Air Cash.

Make the most of living in the Bay Area

Even if the Go Pass doesn’t work for your commute, it can still pay for itself. There are many fun things to do while making use of your Go Pass: go the city; attend a game; take in a movie; go shopping and more!

How to Purchase

Pilot Go Passes are available for purchase at the P&TS office at 340 Bonair Siding, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Before you purchase your Go Pass, please check the eligibility requirements to determine whether you are eligible, or contact us at for assistance.

Once you determine that you are eligible, bring your own Stanford ID to P&TS to purchase.

Additional tips for purchasing:

  • Enter your residence address in “Stu Local” field. Your local address and enrollment status must be reflected in the P&TS customer database, which is updated through Axess.
  • Once you update your address, please confirm your eligibility before coming to the P&TS office.
  • Graduate students must also be enrolled for a minimum of six units or TGR status to be eligible.

For more information, please visit our Pilot Go Pass page, or contact us at

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