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Active Commute

A walk or transit commute helps you reach 10,000 steps a day.
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If you want to lose weight, increase exercise, and live a healthier or more frugal life, you can succeed where others fail by incorporating exercise as part of your commute. As you do, you could save on commute and parking costs and you could be eligible for up to $300 per year in Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit by joining the Commute Club.

“Active transportation” improves your health and fitness

Research has highlighted the benefits for your health of biking, walking, or taking public transportation to work. Scientists have now recognized a link between "active transportation" and lower rates of obesity in countries across Europe, North America, and Australia. Their research concluded that countries whose residents use forms of active transportation at high levels had the lowest rates of obesity.[1]

We can help

Whether taking the bus or train, walking or biking, a sustainable commute can be an efficient and effective way to increase exercise in your day and reach your savings goals. To get started, request a transit or bike commute plan, or find a Stanford affiliate with whom to carpool or vanpool.

For more information or assistance trying an alternative commute, call 650.723.9362 or send an email to

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