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Clean Air Cash

Our way of saying "thanks"

Clean Air Cash is one of the main rewards of being a member of the Stanford Commute Club. By becoming a member of the Commute Club, you will not only reduce commute stress, driving and parking costs, air pollution, and traffic congestion, but you also will be eligible for up to $300 per year in Clean Air Cash.

Stanford University is one of the few organizations rewarding its commuters financially for using alternative transportation, so why not join thousands of commuters who are being paid to relax?

If you ride a bike, take transit, or carpool or vanpool to campus and if you are eligible, join the Commute Club to receive your Clean Air Cash reward. If you don’t currently commute using alternative transportation, why not start? Visit our Commute Planning web page or contact the Commute Club, and we can help plan your commute.

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Who is eligible and what do you get?

To receive Clean Air Cash, you must meet all of the eligibility requirements for the Commute Club and must not have any Stanford parking permit other than daily scratchers (or a vanpool or an "SH" permit, if applicable) during the time you are registered for the Commute Club.

Months Cash   Months Cash
1 $25   7 $175
2 $50   8 $200
3 $75   9 $225
4 $100   10 $250
5 $125   11 $275
6 $150   12 $300

We will pay you $25 for each month you qualify for the Commute Club, for a total of $300 for the year, as illustrated in the accompanying chart. For example, if you complete six months of Commute Club membership, you can claim a Clean Air Cash reward of $150.

At the end of each academic quarter, you will receive Clean Air Cash for the months in that quarter in which you qualified. Employees receive payments as a credit on their payroll checks, while students (and others not on the Stanford payroll) receive payments through direct deposit to their bank accounts. Note that it is the responsibility of Commute Club members to keep their account information current with P&TS. Stanford is not liable for missed payments due to failure to update bank account information in a timely manner.

Notes for students:

Please note, Anyone found to be in violation of the Commute Club and/or parking permit policies set forth by Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS) is subject to revocation of transportation incentives and/or parking privileges. Instances of egregious misconduct may result in further administrative, disciplinary, and/or legal action, up to and including termination of employment or expulsion.

Not sure you can commit to alternative transportation?

Joining the Commute Club doesn't mean you can't ever drive to campus. As a Commute Club member, you can purchase up to eight daily parking scratchers per month for the times you need to drive.

  You save by not buying a long-term permit You get paid Clean Air Cash You can purchase daily parking scratchers And you'll have this much more in your pocket than if you had a long-term permit
By not having
a "C" or "Z"* permit
$360 $300 ...and drive eight
times a month:
-$432 (96 "C" or "E" scratchers) $228
...and drive once a week: -$234 (52 "C" or "E" scratchers) $426
...or not drive at all: $0 $660
By not having
an "A" permit
$972 $300 ...and drive eight
times a month:
-$1,056 (96 "A" scratchers) $216
...and drive once a week: -$572 (52 "A" scratchers) $700
...or not drive at all: $0 $1,272

* Those restricted to purchasing a "Z" permit on a monthly or annual basis are also limited to purchasing Event ("E") scratchers for daily parking needs.

It’s easy to get daily parking scratchers. You can order online and request mail delivery, so you don't have to come to the P&TS office! For those eligible, you can choose pre-tax payroll deduction to maximize your savings.

Also, the Commute Club doesn't need to be a year-round commitment. You can enroll and cancel your membership as needed. For example, if you only bike during warm weather, you can drop out in the winter and then rejoin in the spring. If you are taking a six-week class after work a few days a week, then you can drop out during the six weeks and join again when the class ends. We welcome your membership at any time and for any duration of one month or more!

In case of an emergency...

The answer to these and other issues is Stanford's free Emergency Ride Home program. You are automatically enrolled in Stanford's Emergency Ride Home program when you join the Commute Club.