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Commute Club

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What is the Commute Club?

Find out why thousands of Stanford commuters are Commute Club members. Read their stories in our "Tell Us Your Story" promotion.

Join the Stanford Commute Club, and you'll join thousands of Stanford individuals who care about the environment, who benefit financially by not driving alone, and who help the university reduce peak-hour commute trips, a critical goal in the university's growth plan. By not purchasing a Stanford parking permit, and joining the Stanford Commute Club, you can help reduce emissions, minimize the number of vehicles traveling to and from campus, and benefit financially by not driving alone. We'll reward you with up to $300 a year in Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit.

Daily parking permits for days you need to drive

Not sure you can commit to commute full-time using alternative transportation? Don’t worry. As a Commute Club member, you can purchase up to eight daily parking scratchers per month for days you need to drive. Check out how much you could save when you join the Commute Club and use Clean Air Cash to purchase daily parking scratchers for days you need to drive. You’ll actually save even more if you consider gas, maintenance and insurance cost reductions.

Membership rewards

Join us by returning your parking permit and commuting to Stanford by carpool, vanpool, bicycle, walking, or public transit. If you are eligible, you could save on transit passes, Caltrain parking, and commuter checks by using pre-tax payroll deduction. For more information, contact us today at, or (650) 723-9362.

*Clean Air Cash is considered taxable income per the Internal Revenue Service.

Exclusive member gift

Receive this free gift as a "thank you" for your commitment to sustainable transportation and for being a Commute Club member.

picture of bistro mug

Bistro mug

The mug is reusable, dishwasher safe, and Proposition 65 compliant. It has a custom imprint on both sides that says, “Stanford Commute Club * every trip counts.” Available in red (14 oz.) or black (16 oz.). View both colors. Limit one. Request this item at the P&TS office.


You are eligible for the Commute Club if you meet all of the following criteria:

Please note that anyone whose principal place of work is at the VA Hospital, SLAC, or any other worksite that does not participate in Stanford's parking permit system or that does not have an arrangement with P&TS, is not eligible for the Commute Club. Selected departments in office buildings on Welch Road are eligible for the Commute Club through a pilot program if they meet all other eligibility requirements. For questions about eligibility, send an email to

Residents of the faculty/staff leaseholder areas, Stanford West, and Oak Creek are eligible for the Commute Club, assuming they meet all other eligibility requirements.

If you're not employed directly by Stanford, we must have written verification of your eligibility from your department. See "How to join" below.

Anyone found to be in violation of the Commute Club and/or parking permit policies set forth by Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS) is subject to revocation of transportation incentives and/or parking privileges. Instances of egregious misconduct may result in further administrative, disciplinary, and/or legal action, up to and including termination of employment or expulsion.

How to join

You can join the Commute Club either by applying for Clean Air Cash or by applying for Carpool Credit.

Paper applications can be submitted in one of the following ways:

  1. Fax: 650.724.8676
  2. Email (scanned application):
  3. Mail or in person: 340 Bonair Siding (Mail Code 7255), Stanford, CA 94305-7255

Parking & Transportation Services is located at 340 Bonair Siding and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except university holidays). For more information, call 650.736.9923 or send an email to

Permit-Return Promotion offers $100, $75, $50, or $25

Those who have a long-term "A," "C," "Z," or “MC” parking permit have four options to participate in the 2015-16 permit-return promotion. In addition to up to $300 per year in Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit, this promotion offers a "bonus" reward of $100, $75, $50 or $25 to eligible commuters for returning their long-term Stanford parking permit and switching to alternative transportation. A longer commitment provides a higher reward.

Visit the 2015-16 Permit-Return Promotion web page for details to participate.

Do I need to renew my membership?

Commute Club memberships must be renewed every September for the new academic year. Memberships do NOT automatically renew, so be sure to re-apply for this academic year if you want to continue your Commute Club membership.

The quickest and easiest way to renew your Commute Club membership is via online ordering.

However, online applications only allow you to apply for the current month going forward. If you are requesting Commute Club membership for previous months within the current academic year, you need to complete an application form and submit it by fax (650.724.8676), email (scan the completed form and email to, mail (Mail Code 7255) or in person (340 Bonair Siding, Stanford, CA 94305-7255, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Note that P&TS does not accept applications for retroactive Clean Air Cash from previous academic years.

Not sure if you are a Commute Club member?

Visit the My Commute Club page to find out whether you are currently enrolled in the Commute Club either as a member of our Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit program.

Already a member? Refer a friend to Commute Club and get $50

Current Commute Club members who refer other eligible friends to the program may receive $50 for each additional member referred. The following eligibility requirements apply:

New members must:

Simply complete and sign the "Refer-A-Friend" form and return it with the new Commute Club member's application. Payments are made approximately three months after applications are submitted. Comments or questions? Send them to

Alternative transportation options

There are many ways to commute to campus using alternative transportation:

It's easier and more convenient to commute using alternative transportation, using the many programs Parking & Transportation Services has to offer, including:

Need help in planning your commute or finding a rideshare partner? Contact us at