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Ridematching Services

Join Stanford’s ridematching services

It's easy to find people to share the ride with you. Simply register for free. There’s no obligation, so why not give it a try?

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"Why I tried carpooling" (10 seconds)
Emily Erwin, Media Production Manager
Stanford Center for Professional Development

Carpool to work with Ride at Stanford

Ride from Ride.

Follow these three steps to a better commute:

  • Sign up at Join as a driver or rider – either way you’ll save money.
  • Ride will match you with co-workers who have a similar route and schedule. Let Ride facilitate the communications and logistics to get you started.
  • Ride and save up to 100% (drivers) or 40% (riders) of your current commute costs.

Benefits of Ride:

  • Payments are managed through the Ride app, so there’s no awkward conversations about the exchange of money.
  • Guaranteed Ride ensures you have access to a vehicle for errands or to get home in case of an emergency or unexpected overtime. This provides broader coverage than Stanford’s Emergency Ride Home program.

If you have questions, contact

Things to note when you carpool