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Sustainable commuters in P&TS

P&TS employees “walk the talk”! Most P&TS staff use sustainable transportation on a part-time, occasional, or full-time basis. Some of our P&TS commuters volunteered to share their commute stories. Learn more about our sustainable commutes and why you might want to start yours today!

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Patrick Casey: “I take the train”


Patrick Casey, alternative transportation programs assistant, chose his new apartment based on proximity to Caltrain. “It can seem pretty daunting to start a new commute,” he says, “but once you get into a routine, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

Ramses Madou: “I carpool or take the train”


Ramses Madou, transportation program analyst, varies his commute between carpooling with his wife and taking Caltrain. “I carpool or take the train to spend more time with my wife, avoid the stress of driving Highway 101, catch up on reading on the train, and to be green.

Jeff Patheal: “I carpool and bike”


Since starting work at Stanford in September 2011, Jeff Patheal, parking operations and transportation programs assistant, has enjoyed carpooling with his wife in the morning and riding his bicycle home in the evening. In just six months, he has clocked 55 hours of travel time on his bicycle, traversed 806 miles, and burned 44,813 calories (and counting!).

Ariadne Scott: “I bike”


“I ride my bike 14 miles round-trip every day from Los Altos Hills,” Ariadne Scott, bicycle coordinator, says. She hasn't owned a car for the past 20 years and uses Zipcar when she needs a car.

Read Ariadne's commute story.

Whether taking the bus or train, walking or biking, a sustainable commute can be an efficient and effective way to increase exercise in your day and reach your savings goals. To get started, request a transit or bike commute plan, or find a Stanford affiliate with whom to carpool or vanpool.

For more information or assistance trying an alternative commute, call 650.723.9362 or send an email to

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