Bike to Work Day, May 14, 2015

Share your department’s bike to work day ride—win a free breakfast!

Team Student Housing
Congratulations to Team Somnopedals--Department BTW Winner!

Kudos to the team from the Sleep Medicine division of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine department. Photo (left to right) Ariadne Scott, P&TS Bicycle Program, Jaynesh Patel (Sleep Medicine fellow),  Victor Franko (Sleep Medicine technician) and Logan Schneider (Sleep Medicine fellow) at their celebratory breakfast at Cocola's in Redwood City.

On BTW Day Victor rode 4 miles from East Palo Alto and Jay and Logan had a ride of about 2 miles coming from the Redwood City downtown area.

Congratulations for the team effort!

Team Rehab Services
Congratulations to Team "SUL" Stanford University Libraries -- Department BTW Winner!

Bike to Work Day team "SUL in RWC" with (left to right) Ariadne Scott, P&TS Bike Program,  Kristen St. John (Conservation Services), Franz Kunst (Special Collections), Eli Boyne, Beth Ryan (Conservation Services), Terry Palmer (HealthySteps) Geoff (Stanford Media Preservation Lab). All five regularly bike to work either for our whole commute or in conjunction with other public transportation like Caltrain. The combined mileage for the commute into work on Thursday May 15th was 88 miles. Two members, Beth and Franz, even biked all the way from San Francisco to Redwood City that day.

More details about the ride and celebration,