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Commuter Parking

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Types of permits

How long do you need to park?

Permits are available in a variety of time-lengths; select the type that best suits your needs:

Where do you need to park?

Campus parking

Stanford affiliated or sponsored commuters may park in "A," "C," or "Z" parking zones with the purchase of an "A," "C," or "Z" permit. A limit of one permit type per customer applies. An "A" permit is also valid in "C" and "Z" parking zones. "C" permits are also valid in "Z" parking zones. "Z" permits are valid in Searsville Lot (L-22) and Hoover Pavilion Garage near the medical center. Commuters are not allowed to purchase Resident zone permits.

Pricing is based on location and convenience:

See the Parking and Circulation Map for the locations of these areas.

Choose your permit wisely:

Please remember, a parking permit does not guarantee parking will be available in your preferred parking area.

We try to provide "A" vacancies close to most buildings at most times of day, and enough "C"/"Z" parking to accommodate permit holders on campus, sometimes in distant lots and structures. We assess changing demand patterns and reallocate space based on utilization and the needs of the entire community. If you require assistance finding a permit parking space on campus, send an email to or give us a call at 650.723.9362.

Off-campus worksite parking

For information about parking permits for the Porter Drive Neighborhood, please visit our "Off-campus worksite parking and transportation" section of the "Campus, Hospital, and off-campus worksite parking" page. Most off-campus hospital worksites do not require permits; send an email to or call 650.736.8000 for information on specific sites.

Transferable or non-transferable permits

Our 12-month and 10-month "A," "C," and "Z" permits come in two varieties: transferable (static cling vinyl) and non-transferable (adhesive).

If you regularly alternate between two or more vehicles, you'll probably want a transferable permit. The major drawback of transferable permits is that many are stolen or lost each year. Remember to remove your transferable permit from your car window when you visit the car wash, sell your car, or return your rental car.

If you rarely drive your second car, get a "theft-proof" adhesive sticker permit for your primary car. When you drive in your second car, pick up a free temporary permit at our Bonair Siding office. Just show us your ID.

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Motorcycles and convertibles

Motorcycle owners can buy a regular commuter permit ("A" or "C") and park in a full commuter space, or a Motorcycle permit to park in a designated "MC" parking space/area. Motorcycle/Scooter permits are valid in the areas left unmarked on the permit through the expiration date that is blacked out.

Owners of motorcycles and convertibles will no longer be allowed to have more than one parking permit for their vehicles. Instead, owners may request a free permit mounting tag from P&TS that can be used to display the permit on a dashboard or secured to a motorcycle. Please read the Motorcycle/Convertible Permit Policy document (PDF, 114 KB) for details.

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