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White Plaza Access Protocol

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Stanford University’s White Plaza has long been a No Parking Zone, serving as an important student activity space with a high volume of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The presence of vehicles (whether moving or parked) disrupts student activities and can jeopardize the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Therefore, vehicle access to White Plaza is restricted.

Single Point of Entry

The single point of entry for authorized vehicle access to White Plaza is a remote-controlled pneumatic bollard near the intersection of Lasuen Mall and Panama Mall to the southeast of the campus Main Quad.

General Rule

Only authorized vehicles are permitted to access White Plaza.

Authorized Vehicles

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Vehicles making deliveries in the ordinary course of business to buildings around White Plaza are not authorized. For deliveries, loading docks and zones accessible via public access roads are located at buildings around White Plaza (Tresidder Union, Old Union, Stanford Bookstore, Stanford Post Office and Dinkelspiel Auditorium). See White Plaza Access & Delivery Map for loading zones.

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For immediate access to White Plaza in the event of an emergency:

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Access Procedures

For authorized, non-emergency vehicle access to White Plaza the following steps must be taken:

(Download White Plaza Access Agreement & White Plaza Bollard Remote Application forms)



Construction (including off-campus maintenance contractors):




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