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Effective November 1, 2006, all golf cart-type vehicles shall be registered with Parking & Transportation Services and must display a valid permit in order to operate or park on the Stanford campus. This requirement applies to fleet vehicles displaying the university seal/logo or "carts" utilized by disabled placard holders. The University considers any motorized Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) or mini-truck to be a golf cart-type vehicle.

Golf cart-type vehicles at Stanford may only be used for the following purposes:

  1. Business uses authorized by the University.
  2. Transport for persons with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Student use of carts for personal transportation (other than disability-related needs) is expressly prohibited. Stanford University is private property and has the authority to control cart / LSV use on campus and restrict access to certain areas. Only vehicles bearing the appropriate annual or temporary permit shall use parking areas designated for permit parking.

Download the Motorized Cart Permit Application (PDF, 20 KB).

Cart safety training (online)

Cart safety training

This free, online course should be taken by everyone who wants to drive a cart on campus. It presents cart driving and parking rules, describes what permits are required for driving a cart onto campus, and explains how to obtain cart permits and stickers.

  1. Log into AXESS (SUNET ID required) and select the "STARS (Training)" tab at the top of the page.
  2. Locate the course by searching the catalog. Use the course activity name "Cart Safety Training (Online)" or code: PTS-1000-WEB.
  3. Enroll and launch the self-paced course.

Cart transport for persons with temporary or permanent disabilities

Persons with temporary or permanent disabilities who need to utilize a personal golf cart (or Segway) on campus can apply for cart use authorization from Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS). P&TS does not have carts available for loan or rental.

Other on-campus transportation options to consider include the Disability Golf Cart (DisGo) service or Marguerite Shuttle. If you choose to rent a cart, you may continue to use the DisGo cart service.

For Students:

Step 1 – Complete Medical Documentation

To obtain authorization, students must provide P&TS a completed Medical Certification for Temporary Disabilities. Cart or Temporary Service Vehicle Permit form (PDF, 124 KB) signed by a licensed medical provider. The completed form (medical provider signature and medical license # required) may be hand delivered, faxed, or scanned and emailed to our office.

Parking and Transportation Services (P&TS)

Note: Students must submit the signed original Medical Certification for Temporary Disabilities. Cart or Temporary Service Vehicle Permit form to P&TS in order to receive a cart permit (see Step 4).

Step 2 – Contact Cart Rental Company

Once the medical certification form is reviewed and approved by P&TS, students may call Turf and Industrial Equipment (T.I.E dba Golf Car Rental Company) and inquire whether they have carts available.

Turf and Industrial Equipment (T.I.E dba Golf Car Rental Company)

Step 3 – Pick Up Cart

Turf and Industrial Equipment (T.I.E.) will arrange to meet the student on campus and drop off an electric golf cart after receiving authorization from P&TS. Students are responsible for returning the cart (and key) to a pre-determined drop-off location for T.I.E. to pick up, before the P&TS Cart Permit expiration date.

Step 4 – Pick Up Cart Permit

Submit the signed original Medical Certification for Temporary Disabilities. Cart or Temporary Service Vehicle Permit form and completed Motorized Cart Permit Application (cart ID info required) to P&TS in order to receive a Disability Cart Permit.

Stanford University requires anyone approved to operate a cart on campus to review the Pedestrian Zone Access Map and Disability Cart Permit Agreement (PDF, 128 KB) with a P&TS representative. A signed cart permit (use) agreement is required before a cart permit will be issued. A copy of the Disability Cart Permit Agreement, a Pedestrian Zone Access Map, and a Cart Permit with a red wheelchair sticker will be provided. Note that parking in a disabled space without a valid state issued disabled placard or license plate on your vehicle is prohibited, carts included.

For Faculty or Staff:

Faculty or staff must receive authorization from the Diversity & Access Office before P&TS will issue a cart permit to persons with disabilities.

Faculty or staff can contact the Diversity & Access Office:

Main Quad (MQ) - Vehicle Exclusion Zone

All motorized vehicle (including cart) access through the Main Quad's service drives (under the arches), within the inner courtyards, and inside the Quad itself, requires prior authorization from P&TS and a special "PZ/MQ Service Drive" sticker on their permit or placard. These stickers allow 20-minute access for loading/unloading purposes only. Carts, like all other motorized vehicles, are not allowed to operate or park inside the covered arcades, under any circumstances.

Golf cart-type vehicles operating within the Pedestrian Zone (PZ) and Main Quad

Within the Pedestrian Zone (PZ), vehicles should follow designated cart routes as shown on the Pedestrian Zone Access Map.

Carts and LSVs (e.g. "Gems" and "Thinks") can now access the PZ via a pathway adjacent to the Duena Gate. General cart parking is now available along Escondido Mall, just inside the Duena Gate entrance. The Pedestrian Zone Access Map indicates this location as well as other designated cart parking areas within the Pedestrian Zone.

"DOs and DON'Ts" for Carts and LSVs

("DOs and DON'Ts" for all motorized vehicles operating and/or parking in the PZ are listed on page 2 of the Pedestrian Zone Access Map.)

Cart Operation

•  DO operate carts only on designated routes as per the PZ Access map.

•  DO observe speed limits for motorized vehicles.

•  DO reduce speed on pathways and in pedestrian areas.

•  DO NOT use carts in the following areas:

-  Inner courtyard of the Main Quad.

-  Covered arcades, such as those around the Main Quad, Green Library, Law School, and Old Union.

-  Sidewalks (or pathways parallel to a roadway)

•  DO NOT exceed the speed of pedestrian traffic in crowded pedestrian areas.

•  DO NOT overcrowd or overload carts.

•  DO NOT drive without a valid driver's license

Cart Parking

•  DO park only in designated cart or service parking areas.

•  DO NOT park on unpaved surfaces, such as landscaping or bark-covered areas.

•  DO NOT block building entrances, stairways, disabled ramps, or thoroughfares.

•  DO NOT chain vehicles to signposts, railings, trees, etc.

Cart Charging

•  DO charge electric carts at charging locations designated for your department.

•  DO NOT run extension cords to carts from inside buildings.

•  DO NOT park in a cart charging station assigned to another department.

Drivers must abide by the California Vehicle Code and exercise due caution. The Department of Public Safety enforces the appropriate and safe use of all vehicles (including motorized carts) and will issue tickets accordingly. Improperly parked vehicles will be cited, towed, "booted," or otherwise immobilized by Public Safety or other University authorized personnel.

Policies applicable to motorized carts are detailed in the following documents available online:

Failure to adhere to these policies may result in disciplinary action or loss of access privileges.