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Pedestrian Zone Access Protocol

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Stanford University's central Pedestrian Zone (PZ) has been established to create a safer central campus for pedestrians and cyclists, preserve facilities, and minimize the disruption of university activities through the elimination of unnecessary vehicular traffic. All vehicles (including motorized carts) require authorization prior to accessing the PZ and must display the appropriate PZ permit while moving through or parking in the PZ. View PZ Access Map (PDF).

Point of Entry

Authorized vehicle access to the Pedestrian Zone (PZ) is managed by Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS). There are three controlled gate entrances to the pedestrian zone, each of which governs access to a certain set of buildings. P&TS can provide access through the Duena (#1) and/ or (#2) CERAS gates, utilizing Stanford ID cards or short-term keypad combinations.

Gate #3 on Lane A is controlled by the Post Office and Bookstore (329-1217), but only provides access to their respective loading docks.

There are pneumatic bollards located at various locations around the Pedestrian Zone. Access past these bollards must also be obtained through P&TS.

General Rules

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Permits needed during business and non-business hours

During business hours (M-F, 6 a.m.- 4 p.m.), you'll need one of the following:

During non-business hours (after 4 p.m. and on weekends), you'll need a PZ After-Hours permit.

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Access through gates

Upon PZ access approval, P&TS can grant access through the Duena and/or CERAS gates by programming your valid SUID card, issuing you a temporary SUID card, or providing you a keypad combination for the gate. There is a $15.00 fee for each temporary SUID card issued. If you lose your gate card, you must pay to have it replaced.

If you need regular access and have an annual Service Vehicle permit or PZ Loading/Unloading permit, request card access from P&TS. If you need only a limited number of entries to the PZ, ask P&TS for a keypad combination that will be valid for the dates and number of entries needed.

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Authorized Vehicles

Vehicles authorized to access the Pedestrian Zone include the following:

All vehicles other than emergency service vehicles must obtain prior approval from P&TS

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Vehicles making deliveries in the ordinary course of business to buildings in the PZ can utilize loading zones accessible via public access roads around the Main Quad, including the top of the Oval and on Santa Teresa by Tresidder Union. See Stanford University's PZ Access Map (PDF) and / or the Service and Delivery Map (PDF) for loading zones and service vehicle (SV) parking.

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Traveling in the Pedestrian Zone

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Parking in the Pedestrian Zone

Always observe posted parking time limits. Whenever possible, park in a marked space, or at the loading dock of your destination building. If there are no marked spaces available, park off to the side - staying on the pavement - away from circulation routes, bike racks and landscaping. There is no front door parking at most buildings...expect to walk.

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Access Procedures

For authorized, non-emergency vehicle access to the Pedestrian Zone, the following steps must be taken:


For ongoing deliveries:

For special deliveries:

For maintenance:

For construction vehicles (including off-campus maintenance contractors):



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