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Join the Commute Club and save

How much could you save with an alternative commute?

Join the Commute Club

The savings are GREAT and Stanford made it easy for me to explore the many options available to avoid driving alone.

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Non-member outreach postcard or
Commute Club member outreach postcard

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Join the Commute Club

Join thousands of Stanford Commute Club members who are making a difference. Join the Commute Club, or simply make a conscious decision to commute during non-peak hours whenever you can. Your contributions, large and small, can make a huge difference for the university, for your financial and physical health, and for the environment.

Join the Commute Club* and receive the following:

* Restrictions apply. Please see full eligibility requirements. Participants must live off campus, be required to be on campus at least 20 hours a week, and work at a site that requires a Stanford parking permit to park (if employee), or be a registered student (8 units per quarter for undergraduates; 6 units per quarter for graduate students). Evening- or night-shift employees and individuals who live on-campus are ineligible for the Commute Club. Contact if you have questions.

Try our Commute Cost and Carbon Emissions Calculator

What is your commute costing you? In addition to saving cash, did you know that you could keep approximately 19 pounds of CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere for each gallon of gas you don't use?

Saving money and reducing the impact driving your car has on the environment is easier than you may think. Use this Commute Cost and Carbon Emissions Calculator to see how much you could save by calculating the financial and environmental benefits of alternative transportation for your commute.

Request a Commute Plan

We can help you identify your alternative transportation options. Try our do-it-yourself commute planning tool or request a custom commute plan, where we create a transit and/or bike plan for you from your front door to Stanford. Request your alternative commute plan today.

Commute Buddy Program

If you are new to alternative transportation and want to request a Commute Buddy to help you on your new alternative commute, this program is for you! A Commute Buddy will provide information on your commute by phone or email or will accompany you on your first commute if you wish.

Visit our Commute Buddy page to register today.