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Andrew Kloak

Faculty Affairs Administrator, Neurosurgery

Commute Club member
I take the train and I bike.

When I joined Stanford in January 2007, I drove every day. Then I was encouraged to join Commute Club. So, three years ago, I began taking my bicycle to Caltrain. There is a whole community of people I've gotten to know on the bike cars on the Caltrain. It's a warm, supportive community I found. A real mix of Stanford and non-Stanford commuters. Then, when I arrive at the Palo Alto train station, I bike down Quarry Road into the office at the School of Medicine.

I feel better than ever. I'm exercising while I ride around campus and to and from the train station. Plus, now I have my bike to get around campus. It's faster and more fun. A great stress release. I feel like a kid again. That encouraged me to really start Health Improvement Program classes here. Not only did I save money on parking fees and gas, but I've also lost weight—from a size 38 waist pants to a size 35 waist now. It's been a great journey and I wish I had started doing this earlier.

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