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Brittany Merchant

Project Manager, Arts and Stewardship, Office of Development

Commute Club member
I take the train.

I attended a BeWell event at the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation, and the Commute Club had a booth there. You were asked to choose one word that described your commute and stick it up on a board for all to see. I honestly wrote the word "guilty" and put it on display. At the time, I drove to work nearly every day, despite the fact that I lived less than a mile from campus.

Shortly after this occurrence, I moved to San Francisco and started taking the Caltrain each day. It's a wonderful way to commute. I can read, listen to music, send emails...and it takes less than 40 minutes! Thank you, Commute Club, for making this possible. I'd say the one word/phrase I'd use to describe my current commute is "No-Brainer!"

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