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Claudia Baroni

Accounting Associate, Geophysics

Commute Club member
I take the train and walk.

New Year's resolutions are not easy to stick with. Every January 1st I have all these great plans to put into practice, and by mid-February I have forgotten all of them. But this year was different.

My great plans were to give up my car during the week, walk more, have more time to read and save money. It was a long list, but I could actually work on all of the items at same time just by taking the train to work.

I walk 15 minutes from home to the train station, take the train and read a book until I get to Palo Alto, and repeat it at the end of the day! It is easy and I am not only saving on gas and on parking permits, but Stanford actually pays me to do that!! I guess this is the only New Year's resolution that I will be able to stick with for a long time.

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