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Emily Rostel

Health Physicist, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

Commute Club member
I bike.

Bicycling to work is the obvious choice for me. When I started working at Stanford, I lived less than five miles from campus. While it took me just 20 minutes to ride my bicycle, it took me 30 minutes in traffic to drive the same distance.

Although I initially started cycling to save time in the morning, I now continue to cycle even though I live further away, because I realized it provides a number of unintended benefits.

1) I drink less coffee when I bicycle commute and arrive to work more alert.

2) Because I drink less coffee, I sleep better at night. The extra exercise doesn't hurt!

3) My running, which I do recreationally, has improved. Particularly running hills, is much easier and faster with cycling as cross training.

4) It is kind to my pocket book. I save $1,200 a year, and increasing with gas prices, by cycling most days out of the week instead of driving.

5) My stress levels are lower. Fighting traffic puts me in a rotten mood by the time I get to work and a rotten mood when I get home at the end of the day. Cycling doesn't have "stop and go," so my journey to and from work is a relaxing transition.

I am burning calories, saving money, being kind to the environment, sleeping better, and stressing less. All in all, I don't know why someone would commute a different way.

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