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Heidi Beck

Copy Editor, University Communications

Commute Club member
I bike, take the train, and carpool.

I've been commuting sustainably since I came to Stanford in 1980. I started with a bicycle commute since I was an impoverished grad student, and I loved taking that crazy van service between Stanford and Cal (the driver knew every weird shortcut around freeway jams) when I took some classes up there.

Later, I moved too far to bike but close enough to a Caltrain station to take the train to campus. In the meantime, I fell in love with (and eventually married) a Stanford staffer and became one myself, so we carpooled together. We're both still at Stanford but have schedules that don't always mesh, so we carpool when we can or take the train.

When we carpool, we listen to audiobooks, so that can be educational or entertaining, depending on the book. When I take the train, I read or look out the window to see what's new or has changed in the scenery passing by, or I people watch—no matter, it's entertaining and relaxing. I just can't imagine driving by myself to campus—carpooling or taking the train makes commuting a pleasant distraction rather than a chore.

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