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Justin Higinbotham

Graduate Student, Continuing Studies

Commute Club member
I bike.

I've always biked, sort of: growing up, to my friend's house; in college, to classes; at my last job, to the office. But only when the weather was nice; rarely at night or early in the morning; and never in the rain; certainly not in a suit. In a word, half-heartedly. I was a half-hearted biker.

All of that changed thanks to Stanford's Commute Club. Biking to work has become a sense of pride. A small, and precious, bit of time each day to be outdoors, to weave past traffic jams, to glide over the local foot bridge. I get the benefits of daily exercise without forcing myself to go for a run, or to make a special trip to the gym. Even my resting heart rate has improved, not to mention having more energy both at work and once I get home.

But Stanford has made biking even better...not only are there the health benefits, but I save several hundred dollars each year in parking, AND they pay me several hundred additionally as a reward! They've incentivized an activity that is already good for me, and good for the environment, even more.

If you haven't already looked into the Commute Club, do so today. Not tomorrow, not next week. There are different options for everybody, and I'm sure that you can find something that fits your busy schedule, your unique lifestyle. Stanford is an amazing place, and your daily trips to and from campus should be amazing too.

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