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Kevin Lortie

Plumber/Steamfitter, Student Housing Services Ops

Commute Club member
I bike.

I have ridden my bike to work every day. What makes this a little unique is that I have done this ride every work day (and many more) for more than 30 years.

I am blessed in that mine is only an eight mile round trip, yet I feel so very strongly that if I can do this, almost anyone else who works at Stanford could do this, as well. Stanford offers so many additional forms of transportation that could be segued with cycling that I feel even those that live much farther from Stanford than I could get in the habit of alternative transportation.

Cycling to and from work leaves me feeling both energized and invigorated. Like all forms of exercise, you think it will TAKE more energy than you have to give, but the inverse is true---you are left with MORE energy and confidence than you would ever believe possible before you begin. It has truly been an addictive activity for me. It is the single most convenient way to get around on campus and you get to ride right up almost to the door of any destination.

To think that you get financially rewarded, as well, makes it all the more attractive. In a nutshell, it feels good, it saves money, it gets you where you are going, and it even makes money and better health for you to boot. It is simply silly not to find a way to do it.

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