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Kyle Briscoe

Admission Counselor, Undergraduate Admission

Commute Club member
I take the train and bus, and I walk.

I work in the Office of Undergraduate Admission, so my schedule is quite varied throughout the year. In the summer and fall, I am in the office for normal 8 a.m. to  5 p.m. hours and in the winter and spring my hours can easily exceed 12 hours a day and include weekends while we review applications for admission.

While it may seem that having a car would be useful with an unpredictable schedule, I find that not worrying about traffic, weather, or being exhausted makes the commute to and from work much less stressful. P&TS even helped me find different options for my commute, so I always have a plan no matter what my hours are.

I use my commute by train as an excuse to walk for an hour every day since I walk from the Palo Alto train station to the office and back. I also walk between my apartment and the train station. If it's raining, I can take a (free) bus instead of walking either leg of the commute.

My job requires a great deal of travel throughout the year, and especially in the fall, so having my Caltrain Go Pass makes it easy and free to commute to and from the airport as part of my travel. I don't have to worry about finding parking or a ride, so when I return from a long trip to the East Coast, it is stress-free to hop on the train. Not to mention that the train is a great place for a nap or reading a good book (The Hunger Games, anyone?).

With gas prices exceeding exorbitant, commuting by train is a great way to save money and avoid stress.

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