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Magali Ferare

Project Manager, Stanford+Connects

Commute Club member
I take the train and walk.

As a student, I gave up on the idea of reading for pleasure - there was never enough time. I have been taking the train since August 2011, and in the intervening six months I have read more books than I had in the previous six years! Now instead of arriving home tense from a stressful commute, I'm relaxed, refreshed, and ready to enjoy my evening. Not to mention that taking public transit has slashed my monthly gas use.

Walking to the train has also introduced me to beautiful downtown Sunnyvale, which I walk through on my way to and from the train in the morning. I feel more connected to my neighborhood and community, which has added to my quality of life. I've made friends at a local bookshop I didn't know was there, have found the best fish and chips I've ever tasted, and met the owner of a designer boutique selling the most beautiful scarves. (And the free $300 each year in Commute Club Clean Air Cash means I have some money in my pocket to spend at all of the above!)

I can't recommend the public transit experience highly enough.

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