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Mike Gallagher

Events and Resources Coordinator, Knight Fellowship Program

Commute Club member
I take the bus.

I've worked at Stanford for nearly 10 years, but it took me over a year to figure out my options from the East Bay. To this day, I am still tweaking and perfecting my commute methods in order to find the right mix of timing and efficiency getting to and from my workplace.

Before the Ardenwood Park and Ride lot was made available in Fremont, I would spend $4 on toll and $6 to $7 in gas each day. I initially considered it part of the cost of working at Stanford. Triumphantly, I soon learned by talking to a co-worker that there is this amazing network of bus times and routes to suit the needs of those living in the East Bay.

Since that time, I've saved thousands of dollars per year in transportation costs and time...the latter being the more precious of the two. Because of my discretionary time, I was able to read The Hunger Games so that I can better connect with and relate to my teenagers. It's been a true blessing to rest and put my time to good use in a way I had dismissed for years out of pure ignorance.

Working in HR, whenever we hire a new full-time worker, I have the opportunity to share my story with others in order to encourage them to seek out alternate methods of transportation that might become their new routine!

Many thanks to Parking & Transportation Services, and especially to the many bus drivers who have been so client-driven for all these years...a true joy and not-so-secret gem of working for Stanford.

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