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An ed research org at Stanford University helping educators and policymakers focus on results by improving student perf & strengthening incentives in ed policy.

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    Aug 25

    Good reading: New report by analyzes effects on students after school closures

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    Aug 24
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    Aug 24

    Never say “must read” because that’s just obnoxious. Let’s just say “really really really SHOULD read” if you’re in the world.

  5. Aug 24

    Across the 26 states included in the study, CRED identified 1,522 low-performing schools.

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    Aug 24

    Key takeaway from new closure report? We must do more to open good, new schools for all kids

  7. Aug 24

    48% of students who’ve had their schools closed do better in their new schools. 52% of students do worse.

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    Aug 24

    Valuable new school-closure study. Why "portfolio management" is key--better options replace worse

  9. Aug 24

    Do students whose schools have been closed for poor performance do better or worse in their new schools?

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    Aug 24
  11. Aug 22

    Check out this great profile of our Senior Qualitative Analyst Lauren Bierbaum

  12. Aug 22

    Do students perform better when their failing schools are closed? New research from on this topic - releasing THURSDAY

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    Aug 16

    Results from a recent study align strongly with THE ALUMNI grad rate findings writes Lynn Woodworth

  14. Aug 16

    Behind the Data — Communities Must Hold School Boards, Authorizers Accountable to Ensure Quality Education

  15. Aug 15

    We are excited for new research coming out next week!

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    Aug 10

    Great news: "Good charter networks are producing outstanding gains for poor kids."

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    Aug 3

    Texas charter schools close performance gap, leading researchers find

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    Jul 31

    4 takeaways from 's latest charter study - beyond flashy headlines about for profit v. non profit

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    .'s latest study on charter management organizations is a wealth of information on outcomes:

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    Jun 14

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