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আপনি কি নিশ্চিতরূপে এইসব টুইট দেখতে ইচ্ছুক? টুইট দেখার ফলে @DanJustia-কে অবরোধ মুক্ত করা হবে না।

  1. Allergies @ Justia :(

  2. -এর উত্তরে

    Was only a joke :)

  3. -এর উত্তরে

    Already planning to attend, either that or the Clam Chowder Festival in Santa Cruz! I love the Bay Area!

  4. Just used Justia Lawyer Directory's claim by phone to find my misplaced iPhone , not exactly what it was designed for, but it did the trick!

  5. -এর উত্তরে

    Yup, and it still uses an unreasonable amount of ram!

  6. @ AnnaJustia That's a fancy lookin' pug in your Twitter profile picture.

  7. Would Edward Scissorhands be allowed to run?

  8. Coding directory stuff very slowly today. :( Broke my thumb over the weekend. :(

  9. Digital TV Delay Act passed, switchover to digital TV delayed until June 12th.

  10. -এর উত্তরে

    Unlikely -- it's not a new concept. There's a Vista Starter too -- I just like to poke fun at Microsoft that's all.

  11. Windows 7 Starter Edition, limited to 3 applications running at once. Use Chrome? I pray you don't fancy tabs.

  12. -এর উত্তরে

    Headline sounds bad, but FB isn't going to just give them a list of our phone numbers and e-mails. Targeted ads, just like GMail.

  13. Wouldn't want to be that attorney! http://tinyurl.com/cmtsds

  14. RT : blog post http://zi.ma/4cab63 For the Birds: LegalBirds: Twitter Directory for the Legal Community (explains features, ranki ...

  15. RT Legal Birds http://LegalBirds.com Lawyers & Legal Professionals who Twitter Directory, Maps, Search & Community from Justia

  16. Twittering side by side with some pugs.

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